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In France the Marans are nicknamed the chickens with the golden eggs Marans are probably the most special chicken breed in the world. Its particular colors, its dual purpose, fast growth and superior meat quality. And of course its very special egg, big and with a dark reddish brown color. The breed is easy to keep as well in a run as free range. Since they are no fanatic diggers they wonít destroy your garden. They are easy to handle since they are friendly and docile. The animals that are kept for shows can also run free. The slight feathering at the legs doesnít damage easily. To see a flock of Marans scratching freely on your lawn, will open up the heart of every chicken lover, what a magnificent sight! The robust proud rooster, guarding his pleasant sturdy, active harem like a king, by which nothing escapes his attention.
Marans are rather sturdy chickens, without being plump. The body is shaped rectangular, is held almost horizontal and is of medium height. The plumage clings to the body without much fluff, except for the rear end of the hens. The head should not be coarse, with a single comb with 5 to 7 peaks. The henís combs back is allowed to tip over. The color of the eyes should be bright reddish orange. The neck and saddle hackle should be long and abundant. Marans have a relative short tail, which is held in an angle of approximately 45 degrees. The shanks and outer toe are slightly feathered at the outside. The color of the legs is white, but the copper black variety may have a grey or dark under color. The Standard recognizes the colors Copper Black, Cuckoo, Silver Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, White and Black. The weight of the rooster is  8 lb; cockerel 7 lb. Hen 7 lb; pullet 6 lb.


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